Big Baby Boy - At Almost 6 Months

by Jesse Robertson
(University Park, IL. USA)

Still a Big Baby & a Bully

Still a Big Baby & a Bully

Big Baby Boy was just one week from 6 Months in this picture. Two weeks ago Baby was weighed at 50 pounds during his Vet visit. Baby is a baby in which he likes to be rubbed by everyone he meets, but his has a tendency to constantly bother people when they are around (never stops).

My brother was visiting and he loves dogs, so he was just playing with playing and loved the dog. My brother and I went down to the basement to watch TV and he would not stop messy with my brother, just nudging/pushing constantly.

Baby is used to being in the basement with me only. I had a barbecue one weekend at the house and all my family just loved baby, he played out in the yard for a long time with everyone. My Brother-In-Law was so comfortable with him that he let him out of the cage in the house to play with him so more, when he was done he tried to have baby go back in the cage, Baby was not going for this.

I was outside on the grill, so I was also told the story. My brother is almost 200 pounds and he could not get him back in the cage. My wife was laughing so hard as my brother was sweating trying to get him in and some people was trying to help and no one could get him the cage. My wife just said cage-up and he went right in. Big Baby Boy is baby but he is a bully when he wants to be and he doesn't back down to other dog or strangers.

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