by Heather
(Braeside, Ontario, Canada)

Bella, Our Newest Addition

Bella, Our Newest Addition

We have two Boxers. Our oldest one is 7 years old and our newest addition is 9 weeks. Chopper is a full brindle and Bella is a fawn colored Boxer.

Both are purebed and are from breeders.
Our oldest has become so protective of his little girl in a short period of time. This is his girl and that is that!!!

It is so enjoyable watching them play. Bella pounces on Chopper and then the fun begins. He is not rough with her but will put her in her place when he has had enough.

We loved our first Boxer so much that we wanted to get another. We decided on a female for an easier transition for our oldest.

We are quite surprised as to how well he has taken to her in such a short period of time!!!!
They are such a fantastic breed that I would recommend one to anyone in search of a new puppy. They offer us so much joy!!!

Our oldest is such a loyal and loving dog and we know that Bella will be the same way.

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