barkless white boxer

by chris
(downey ca us)

Q: Why wont my white boxer bark its been a week since I've had her and she is 8 months and i have not yet heard her bark why wont she bark?


Does she respond when you call her? If not, she may be deaf. White boxers dogs are especially prone to this. As many as 20% of them are born deaf. If you can't get her to respond, take her to the vet to find out for sure.

It could also be that your dog just isn't much of a barker. In general boxer dogs usually aren't all that vocal. There are exceptions to that of course, but I've heard lots of stories of quiet boxers.

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Feb 11, 2015
the white boxer NEW
by: Anonymous

a lot of white boxers are born deaf but they can bark but rarely do, my son has a white deaf boxer stand behind him and call his name loudly and see if he response to you. my son has taught his dog to respond to his hand gestures it work quit well, when his dog goes outdoors he keeps an eye on my son to know when to come in its amazing how smart they are.

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