Ask a Veterinarian

Taking your boxer dog to the vet can be huge hassle. Especially if it turns out their is nothing seriously wrong with your dog. You likely have to take off work and spend $30 or more. Not to mention the stress it causes you and your dog.

If you want save money, time and a hassle you should check out a internet service called "JustAnswer". They have experts in a variety of subjects including veterinary medicine. They have vet's online 24 hours a day to answer questions from users.

They have a A+ rating with the better business bureau and a money back satisfaction guarantee.


How Does it Work

To ask a vet a question just type it into the box above and click get an answer. You'll be taken to create an account and name the price you want to pay to have your question answered by a vet.

The usual price for this kind of question is $9-$15 dollars. This is a pretty big savings over an office visit. Especially if you included gas, time, and stress.

They send you an email when your question has been answered or if the vet needs more information. You then decided if the answer is good enough. You only pay for an answer if your satisfied.

Some Caveats

The are times of course when you shouldn't use the internet to ask a vet a question.

* In an emergency, don't waste time. Just get your dog to a vet or clinic.

* Serious Illnesses

* A regular check up with a local veterinarian is still very important.