asbo male brindle and white, roxy female sandy and white

by annmarie odwyer

i love my boxers and i would be heartbroken without them,, they are my happiness when i am down their there for me when i need a hug sometimes i love them more than i love my hubby......

They love climbing into bed with me and sleep in my room although they have a bed they like mine better.. there both hyper and u cant love one without the other bouncing in on the affection... there my best friends and they are the best.... i dont regret the day i got them,, they have been through really hard times with me and been through the happiest times with me.

i shout at them everyday to stop scratching the back door but when they dont i have to go out and wonder why.. when they have done something wrong its amazing how fast they both sit and try to give me their paws.

asbo the big one loves lying on his back its funny really cause his mouth flaps hang upside down, roxy loves sitting on the top of the stairs and someone only has to touch the gate and she is off barking,, so i would say there good gaurd dogs...asbo got hold of roxy when she was inheat and i think were going ttohave our hands full with 8 asbo and roxies omg.....

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May 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

a lovely looking pair, good luck with the pups :)

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