by Angelica

Pouty Face

Pouty Face

As his daddy so suitably named him, Artie which is short for "Artillery" since this is his daddy's job as a Marine. We brought Artie home on Monday April 27th and he turned 6 weeks old on April 28th, he is a precious baby and we are very proud parents.

Artie is having some time adjusting to sleeping alone at night and we have had to take turns getting up and taking him outside. I have adjusted with him and learning to not let him eat or drink too much past a certain time. He is getting better we leave his box near the bed so when he begins to whimper we can put a hand in and let him know he isn't alone and its night time and time to sleep, this seems to have been working.

He is waking up less and less. Hoping to have a full nights sleep again soon. (I hope) His big sister a Corgi and his cousin (our cat) are seeming to get a little more used to him too. Although he is a lot more playful than either of them are, they are learning to deal with him. (-=

We are new to having such a young pup and I have been on line to every Boxer site getting ideas on training and tips and anything I can find to make this as smooth as I can for all of us.

Artie's first visit to the Vet is Saturday and he will get his 1st set of shots as well as checked for worms and get him used to his new Dr. Hoping he is a good one because I plan on taking as good a care of our new baby as possible. We are head over heels in love with this adorable bundle of joy and we want to ensure he is happy and healthy as can be!

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