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If you’re new to the whole pet thing in general, there’s no better way to start your new found passion than with a boxer dog. Unfortunately, people tend to avoid boxer dogs as their first pets and go to more “cool”, sophisticated breeds, without even getting to know all about boxer dogs. A lot of other canine breeds are “specialized” in one category or another, due to their characteristics. Well with boxer dogs, diversity is the keyword, since they can fulfill multiple roles at the same time and adapt in new situations a lot quicker than other dogs. The following article will try to cover up all the basic facts about boxer dogs that one might need.

In comparison to other breeds of dogs, boxers have a medium-built, solid constitution, giving them a sturdy look. Although they’re entertaining, cute pets, they also dish out a sensation of power and strength, which will come in handy if you intend to use your boxer as a guard dog.

The size of a boxer dog is also slightly above average, a full grown dog reaching somewhere between 22 and 26 inches (measured at the shoulder) and weighing up to 60-65 pounds (this obviously depends on the dog’s health condition, on his diet, whether or not there are any problems related to your boxer dog and so forth).

Before going further with explaining what the main characteristics of boxer dogs are, we need to answer a question that is on most people’s tongue, the minute they hear of the breed’s name: “Why are they called boxers?”. This name comes from the fact that, whenever they get into a fight, boxers balance themselves on their hind legs, making a circular motion with their front paws, similar to a boxer standing in guard. It’s quite a funny sight and after all, that’s one of the most important facts about boxer dogs: they’re extremely entertaining and fun to have as a pet.

Earlier on, I told you about the complexity and diversity of the boxer dog, the subject needing a bit more explanation. The characteristics of boxer dogs include (as related by several boxer dog owners as well as dog specialists): brave, devoted, energetic, friendly, intuitive, intelligent, easily trainable, loyal, adaptable, playful, entertaining, quick learner, vigilant, hard working, intuitive and helpful. As you can see, the list is quite solid and it’s a lot more diverse than the one you would compile for various other breeds. The above characteristics also make boxer dogs fit in a lot of roles, such as hunting dogs, police dogs, guard dogs, fighting dogs, or a seeing-eye companion for blind people.

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Of course, this is just a small part of what a boxer dog truly is. If you want to find out all about boxer dogs, I recommend that you skim through the other articles on our site, which will pretty much contain all the boxer dog information you could need. From educating your boxer, to feeding him correctly and knowing how to make him obedient, we got it covered.

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Got a Question About Boxer Dogs? Just Ask!

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