Ali--Purebred Fawn Female Boxer (Approximately 4 years old)

by Julie Groipen
(Manchester, CT)

On her way to her new home

On her way to her new home

Since we adopted Ali, she has brought nothing but happiness and love to our home. She had no problems whatsoever adjusting to her new living environment and quickly became one of the most popular dogs in our entire complex.

She loves playing with her ropes and responds to all her commands. It took Ali only one day to learn “paw,” “other paw, “ and “lay down.” We are constantly in awe of her beauty, intelligence and affectionate disposition. Ali is great with babies, adults and all dogs—she is truly amazing.

When we first decided to get a dog, our natural tendency was to get a puppy. After much consideration, however, we chose to adopt an adult dog that deserved to have a loving family and happy home. It was the best decision we ever made!

We highly recommend and encourage adoption of this amazing breed. There is nothing more rewarding then giving a second chance to dogs that may not have been fortunate enough to have an easy life. Their love is unconditional and they deserve the same love in return.

Julie & Justin

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