Aggressive boxer dogs and Other Personality Traits

agressive boxer dogs
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Due to the fact that they’re one of the most complex breeds of dogs around, boxers can be used for various reasons and they can be trained to be both cuddly and aggressive boxer dogs at the same time. Their personality is also quite flexible, making them one of the easiest breeds to train and educate the way you want them.

This huge gap between two boxers’ personalities can be a little weird at first, but after you’ve had a boxer for a while, it’s easy to understand that the aggressive boxer dogs that you might’ve seen on TV are like that for the simple fact that they’ve been trained to be aggressive in the first place.

The physical characteristics of boxer dogs may also strike you as being quite imposing at the first sight of one. Boxer dogs have a strong build and although they’re not the biggest of dogs (roughly 65 pounds for an adult) they can be quite dominant. All these feats make aggressive boxer dogs among the best guard dogs and also among the top fighters in (illegal) dog fight tournaments.

Hoping that you won’t train your boxer dog to be aggressive to pit him in a fight, but rather to make him a better guard dog, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Among all the breeds used as guard dogs, the boxer is one of the few that is complete in every sense to fulfill such a position. They’re smart, intuitive and can adapt easily to all kinds of situations. Boxer dogs are also very loyal and they’re fearless defenders of the things they love so you don’t have to worry about your “guard” dog running away with his tail behind his legs when you get into trouble. Boxers are also good learners so you won’t need months over months of obedience training to teach him what you want.

The “aggressive boxer dog” part of their personality creates a rather shocking contrast with their cuddly, playful part. From this point of view, a boxer dog can be one of the most entertaining, lovable breeds of dogs you’ll find. Most boxers are extremely playful and you’ll hardly see them too bored or too lazy to be taken out for a walk in the park.

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They’re also great with children and although some might characterize them as “too loyal” or “possessive”, boxers actually refrain themselves from showing signs of “jealousy” towards children or other pets, unlike other dogs. Even seeing them get into a small fight is entertaining, because of their unique way to stand in guard, moving their front paws in a circular fashion, while performing equilibristic exercises on their back legs (this is actually the main reason they are called “boxers”, next to their solid build).

To conclude, we should note that the characteristics that boxer dogs possess recommend them for both aggressive, guard duties as well as for entertainment and as a family pet. Their personality allows them to adapt perfectly to any of these roles and with just a bit of training, you can get your boxer dog to where you want him in a short time.

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