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Mar 03, 2016

Caught, Boxer first, then husband, not good

I lost my mom, best friend of 30 years and our faithful 14 year old lab in less then a years time. I was broken. I went to work and not much else other

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Mar 03, 2016

Daisy, she is Flashy German Boxer

Daisy is a 18 month old flashy boxer. She is very smart as i have been working with her since she was a pup. I live on an acreage with horses and pig that

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Jun 24, 2013

roxy and buster american boxer

roxy is a 8 week old sweetie and buster is a 9 month old super duper lovebug,both fawns.roxy is a female and buster is the male.buster is a super protector,future

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May 23, 2013

Penny is a Fawn Boxer

Penny's best friend is a cat named Peanut. They go outside together, come into the house together and sleep together. Penny loves her toys. While

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May 22, 2013

Bear the Boxer- Fawn

I got Bear just before he turned 6 weeks old and he has grown into a gorgeous and quite tall 3.5 year old boy. Bear is my bff and the biggest dork on

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May 16, 2013


Our FroBoy is 3 years old. He loves his birthday parties which falls on January 9. He is the love of our lives and the center of attention everywhere he

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May 09, 2013

Princess,pure blood boxer

she is so smart and sweet...

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May 08, 2013

My name is Saxon, I am a red and white Irish import

Saxon is our 1st boxer we have owned, but have always loved the breed. He is now 20 weeks old, and i`m sure you will agree, he is a handsome fellow. The

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May 07, 2013

Isabelle "Izzie" Rose

Izzie is my four month old boxer. She was one of two pups left of her 11 pup litter. I saw her playing in the yard and knew she was the one instantly

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Mar 15, 2012

Daisy (fawn)

Daisy is a rescue that I received when she was 4 years old. She was a nervous nelly at first but after about 1 week she really attached herself to me and

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Dec 20, 2011


I had only met three boxers in my life, Riddick, Bailey, and Bodie when I knew I had to have one. For my birthday this year my fiance got me a little fawn

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Dec 20, 2011

Duke - brindle

To us Duke is the best dog in the world even when he steals my wife's cinnamon toast crunch bagel off the kitchen table on Saturday morning - and got caught

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Nov 03, 2011

My boxer's name is Bella and she is a European fawn from the Del Colle Dell Infinto and Pannon Box Champion lines.

I received my dearest Bella (Xpected Vom Kaiserfelson or X2 Vom Kaiserfelson) as a Christmas gift in 2007, when I was 7 years old. She was the most adorable

Continue reading "My boxer's name is Bella and she is a European fawn from the Del Colle Dell Infinto and Pannon Box Champion lines."

Nov 03, 2011

Big Baby Boy - At Almost 6 Months

Big Baby Boy was just one week from 6 Months in this picture. Two weeks ago Baby was weighed at 50 pounds during his Vet visit. Baby is a baby in which

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Nov 03, 2011

Lady Layla Ali

Well my family & I all have Boxers. When we first got her we were told her name was Lady. I thought it was a little boring so I added Layla Ali. Shes a

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