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We created this site as a guide for all boxer dogs owners and anyone who was thinking about getting boxer puppies as a pet. The boxer dog breed are great dogs who are known for being highly energetic and friendly. They make great family dogs are they are good with children and very loyal.

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The Most Common Questions About Boxers

What do boxers look like?

We have a a lot boxer dogs pictures if you want to see. Be sure to submit one of your dog too. They could be our next cover boy or girl for this site. Here is our latest winner!:

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Sammy our Cover-girl of the Month

Boxers are typically fawn, brindle, and sometimes white. Fawn boxers are the ones with more brown coloring on their coat and brindle boxers (also known as black boxer dogs) have more black coloring. White boxer dogs are mostly white, but rarely all white.

Their mid-size working dogs who can be very strong for their size. Go here for more on the boxer dog breed.

There are a variety of types of boxers including german boxer dogs, American boxers, and English boxers. Originally they were a mix of a Belgian hunting dog and the English bulldog (different from the american bulldog). For more on types of boxers click here.

Where can I get boxer puppies

It's no question that boxer puppies are in demand. The popularity of the boxer breed has shot up in recent years. They've been ranked as high #6 among the popular breeds.

Not surprisingly a lot of business has shot up around the breeding and selling of boxer puppies. This is one case however where the buyer must truly beware. It's often a tough decision between boxer breeders and boxer rescue as well.

Click here for more on boxer puppies.

How Do I Train My Boxer?

Boxers are very smart and they have a strong independent streak. They don't like being ordered around. They can also be very clever and manipulative when they want to get their way. Proper obedience training for a boxer is a must. If done right a boxer can be one the best behaved dogs you'll ever see.

It natural for many owners to have trouble when it comes to training their boxers. Reading up on the best practices for training is always a good idea. Click here for more on boxer training.

How Do I Take Care of a Boxer

Boxer's are great dogs but unfortunately they are susceptible to a variety of health problems. It is important that you educate yourself on all these potential problems. In terms of prevention, proper nutrition can go a long way toward your boxer staying healthy.

More on caring for boxers.

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